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The A B C’s of an effective Workplace Violence Prevention Program ~ 

A.  All four types of workplace violence identified by Cal-OSHA are known by our employees

1. “Type 1 violence” means workplace violence committed by a person who has no legitimate business at the work site, and includes violent acts by anyone who enters the workplace with the intent to commit a crime.
2. “Type 2 violence” means workplace violence directed at employees by customers, clients, patients, students, inmates, or visitors or other individuals.
3. “Type 3 violence” means workplace violence against an employee by a present or former employee, supervisor, or manager.
4. “Type 4 violence” means workplace violence committed in the workplace by someone who does not work there, but has or is known to have had a personal relationship with an employee.

B.  A Workplace Violence Prevention Plan which contains all Cal OSHA required seven (7) elements.

(1) Names or job titles of the persons responsible for implementing the Plan.
(2) Effective procedures to obtain the active involvement of employees and their representatives in developing, implementing, and reviewing the Plan, including their participation in identifying, evaluating, and correcting workplace violence hazards, designing and implementing training, and reporting and investigating workplace violence incidents.
(3) Methods the employer will use to coordinate implementation of the Plan with other employers whose employees work in the same health care facility, service, or operation, to ensure that those employers and employees understand their respective roles as provided in the Plan. These methods shall ensure that all employees are provided the training required by subsection (f) and shall ensure that workplace violence incidents involving any employee are reported, investigated, and recorded.
(4) Effective procedures for obtaining assistance from the appropriate law enforcement agency during all work shifts. The procedure may establish a central coordination procedure. This shall also include a policy statement prohibiting the employer from disallowing an employee from or taking punitive or retaliatory action against an employee for, seeking assistance and intervention from local emergency services or law enforcement when a violent incident occurs.
(5) Effective procedures for the employer to accept and respond to reports of workplace violence, including Type 3 violence, and to prohibit retaliation against an employee who makes such a report.
(6) Procedures to ensure that supervisory and non-supervisory employees comply with the Plan in accordance with Section 3203(a)(2).
(7) Procedures to communicate with employees regarding workplace violence matters,

C.  Policies and procedures must ensure the safety of our visitors, customers, vendors, contractors, and subcontractors as well.

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