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Wm. F. “Bill” Cunningham, Jr., CEOP | USCG- Vet | CEO / Developer

As a professional tall ship sailor in the U.S. Coast Guard, he learned the intricacies of literally hundreds of moving pieces working together. That experience brought about the formal organization of volunteers around a topsail ketch in Southern California as he became Commodore of Friends of Argus,

In his litigation career, with more than 35 years experience as resolution specialist guiding over 4,000 businesses through the litigation process, if a case from his firm was resolvable before trial, it was resolved. Specialties were Eminent Domain, Construction and IRS assistance. The national credential of Certified Paralegal further assured clients of an attention to detail that helped move their case forward.

That work required digging into a client’s business at an intimate level that brought insights to its weakness and operational needs so that potential future litigation was mitigated.

Working as a volunteer in the Santa Ana Urban Area for the DHS Urban Area Strategic Initiative brought amazing and rewarding success in bringing businesses together to help each other. Several businesspeople realized that as responsible business-people their purpose is to help themselves until First Responders arrive.

On 9/11/2008, with the help and encouragement of several leaders Bill established BERT – Emergency Operations Management. With his innate ability and experience to bond with all sizes of businesses and all levels of management, the common description is one of “..making the material come alive” He is a nationally certified Emergency Operations Professional from

BERT Supports Safety teams inside any company or organization to implement and expand their influence to develop a culture of safety using state of the art technology in APPs and training programs.  Using EMERGALINK, companies can tie themselves together to help each other in any systemic emergency. BERT has grown into a strong, viable resource for OSHA compliance and VPP designated companies.

BERT’s parent company is a Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise designated by the State of California.  Bill is the father of four and grandfather of three girls.  He lives with his wife, Holly in Orange, California.

Bill is the developer and graduate of the  BERT Academy Class 1.

Robert C. Feldtz, CEOP | Battalion Chief  | USAF-Vet |VP-Curriculum

During his 32 years with the Orange County Fire Department/Authority, Mr. Feldtz has had many assignments:  Logistics Specialist, Logistics Manager, Fire Crew Supervisor, Cadre Instructor, and Fire Apparatus Engineer.

Duties have included daily maintenance and safe operation of all 10 vehicles assigned to Station 54, as well as tracking all repairs and maintenance, scheduling training classes and travel arrangements for the logistical and rescue sections of Task Force 5.  Also, maintain tracking of expenditures for 4 budgets, totaling over 1.5 million dollars, as well as processing purchase requests for most of the expenditures (selecting equipment and vendors). Presently holds a position on Southern California Fire Team One as a Logistics Chief. For the past 15 years he has served as a member of the State of California, Office of Emergency Services, Logistics Committee, providing input and decision-making for the direction of the eight California Task Forces. During the Katrina incident, he was assigned as Logistics Manager when our team was on activated. He assisted in the fabrication and design of the Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) trailers and the rebuild project for the tractors from military surplus units. Mr. Feldtz was deployed to the Oklahoma City bombing as part of the US&R team as a Logistics Specialist, responsible for purchasing and logistical support of a 62-person team in a multi-jurisdictional command structure. He has worked on many major fires throughout California and other states.

Bob is an Lead Instructor of the BERT program, and a  Director and VP of Curriculum..

Holly Cunningham, CEOC | VP-Communications

Holly Cunningham brings to BERT  35 years experience working in public service.  Over the last 15 years she has worked in public education for the Saddleback Valley Unified School District. Beyond her role as a high school teacher, Mrs. Cunningham has contributed to school programs for student and staff safety in the event of an emergency.  Crisis strategies and drills have included those for fire, earthquake, and most recently, for lock-downs in the case of an armed intruder.

Prior to her work in education, Mrs. Cunningham had a 20 year career in the field of city planning. She acted as a project manager for major land use development projects in the cities of Torrance,Irvine, and Cypress,California.  She also was a Senior Planner for the City of San Antonio, Texas. Because of her key role in building projects and land use, she also carried the responsibility of serving on each city’s emergency team whose responsibility it is to ensure that critical public services can continue during and after a major disaster.  Mrs. Cunningham earned her B.A. from California State University, Long Beach in Communications, and she also possesses a California Single-subject Credential in Secondary Education.

D. Scott Walker, CEOP | Advisory Committee

Scott has over 25 years’ experience in the field of environmental and occupational health and safety. He currently holds the position of Senior Environmental Health & Safety Specialist for Johnson & Johnson Vision. His responsibilities include global coordination of the Division’s EHS Departments to ensure safe work practices and compliance to local, state and federal regulations.

He also serves as a member of the Executive Leadership Council for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Orange County/Inland Empire Chapter and is a champion for a cure for blood cancers.

Scott currently holds the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Community Preparedness.  Scott is a graduate of the BERT Academy, Class 2.

David Ott, CEOP | USN (retired) |VP – Development

David Ott is a 1981 graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he received an undergraduate engineering degree.  A 31-year veteran of the United States Navy, David is a former Naval Flight Officer with multiple deployments aboard aircraft carriers flying the A-6E Intruder and EA-6B Prowler.  David was the “1992 Commander US Naval Air Forces Attack Aviator of the Year”.  David has commanded a carrier-based squadron and a Special Mission Unit supporting US Special Operations Command.  David retired from the US Navy in November 2007 with over 4000 flight hours, 850 carrier landings and 85 combat missions in multiple theaters.  Upon retiring from the US Navy in 2007, David was hired by Northrop Grumman to assist with building and marketing sensitive intelligence offerings supporting human terrain analysis.  In 2009, David joined the United States Army as a Senior Executive where he served as the Army’s Director of Culture and Foreign Language.  He joined Shell Exploration and Production as the Alaska Infrastructure Manager in January 2014 at the request of Shell and served through June 2016 as the Alaska Logistics Transition Lead.  David is the President and CEO of Tuskahoma Enterprises which is a small, Native American/Veteran-owned small business focused on providing management consulting services, analytic services for effects-based solutions, and external relations/cultural awareness support.

He is married to the former Cynthia Fall and has 3 children:  Nicholas (21), Madeline (20) and Alexandra (15).  David and his children are tribal members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. David is a life member of the Tailhook Association.

Denton Knapp, OSHA | USA (retired) | VP- Safety    

Denton Knapp brings over 30 years of intense safety experience from his time training for and participating in numerous military deployments in the United States and overseas.  Couple that experience with his OSHA Credentials, he is uniquely qualified to join the BERT team and immediately bring his strengths, talents and training to our clients past, present and future.

BERT’s OSHA turnkey Injury Illness Protection Program (IIPP) supports facility safety teams.  Every California employer with 10 or more employees must have a “written, effective” plan.  Our unique online training brings the concepts from the binder-on-the-shelf into daily operations, thereby reducing incidents and enhancing the “Culture of Safety” that OSHA is so eager to witness at any facility.   With next-generation App. technology, your team members instantly communicate and facilitate incident management using FEMA ICS systems.

Denton Knapp and his BERT Safety Team will not only review the IIPP as it is being implemented, but facilitate a physical inspection of the facility and provide a written report.  The facility safety team then takes over to mitigate any findings before OSHA arrives.

BERT’s unique approach to emergency planning and training uses the same technology to alleviate fear in incidents by teaching civilians how to care for themselves until first responders arrive, and return to normal business operations as soon as possible after they leave.

The BERT team is already represented by retired police, fire,  Air Force, Navy and Marine veterans all led by a Coast Guard Veteran.  We are pleased to welcome Denton Knapp to our team, and know that his skills will serve our clients well.

John Challenger / Intern

John Challenger recently got his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Geology from Principia College.  He specializes in wetland, and freshwater ecology while also having an understanding of earth processes.  He has a familiarity with ArcGIS (Geographical Information Systems) and environmental mapping.

Growing up influenced by his dad, a nuclear power plant operator, and his uncle, a chemical engineer and contractor (retired), he learned about scientific processes from an early age.  Learning about the effects of global warming when he was in high school, he went into college with a desire to study earth processes and how renewable energy would affect processes for the good.  As noted above, his study focused on biological processes in wetland and freshwater ecological settings.  Now as a college graduate with knowledge and skills of a biologist, ecologist, and geologist, he desires to work with businesses promoting sustainability in the environment.

John decided to join BERT aiming to serve others in need.  After hearing about the hurricanes in the Midwest, fires in Northern California, and shootings in Las Vegas, John knew this was a right step.  With BERT, John has worked on a few projects which include communicating with Las Vegas business, attending emergency response training, and reaching out to colleges regarding their non-terminal programs/degrees.


  • Carlo Nicastro, MD, CA- EDD /  Chamber of Commerce Management
  • David McGregor, CEOP, Caribbean Operations
  • Katie Cunningham, CEOC, VP – Youth Initiative
  • Fran Hanley, Administrator
  • Vlad Anderson, PD
  • Roy Goodwin, OCFA-Ret
  • Craig Casey, OCFA-Ret
  • Joel Robledo, CEOP
  • Shannon Morris, Transcription


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  • – Website Management
  • OMNEtech – Kurt Heitman – Tech-Soup administration / software engineer
  • Abatix Corporation – Equipment
  • Legends Environmental – Bill Lohman – Insurance Consulting Services
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