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The catalyst to a Culture of SafetyTrain your organizational leaders to train their staff in developing a culture of safety from within.

Good health and safety practices in the workplace do not start and end with policies and procedures, or even specialized job skills. It is not just about threats or fear of OSHA penalties. At the heart of it, safety is a way of thinking. Until all employees, from top management down to line workers, embrace how and why safety should be a priority, no other methods will have a long-term benefit.

That is why BERT offers a six-week course using authoritative texts from industry experts for line managers up to top management in understanding the underlying concepts that are crucial to developing and maintaining a “Culture of Safety.”

Retail cost:  One day per week, six week course, 90-minutes per week, up to 20 people/session, $1,500/session:  $9,000

Homework required (Note:  Online session 15% reduction.)

These are OSHA-Defined Benchmarks we will hit:

  1. Does top management see S&H as a high priority?
  2. Does top management consider S&H as a line function?
  3. Does top management provide staff the needed support for S&H?
  4. Do managers personally follow S&H policies?
  5. Do managers delegate authority to personnel to get the job done?
  6. Do managers allocate resources to personnel to get the job done?
  7. Do managers make sure staff has appropriate training?
  8. Do managers support fair and effective policies for S&H performance?
  9. Is top management involved in planning and evaluation for S&H?
  10. Does top management value employee involvement on S&H issues?

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