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Leadership Safety Development Training

Six week course, 90-minutes per week, up to 20 people/session, $1,500/session:  $9,000

These are OSHA-Defined Benchmarks

Phase 6, Management and Leadership (40-49)

  1. Top management sees S&H as high priority?
  2. Top management considers S&H as line function?
  3. Top management provides staff the needed support for S&H?
  4. Managers personally follow S&H policies?
  5. Managers delegate authority to personnel to get job done?
  6. Managers allocate resources to personnel to get job done?
  7. Managers make sure staff has appropriate training?
  8. Managers support fair and effective policies for S&H performance?
  9. Top management involved in planning and evaluation for S&H?
  10. Top management values employee involvement on S&H issues?