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Ask yourself, how do we measure if our safety program is effective?

OSHA has established a master list of 58 “Effectiveness Questions” for all organizations, nation-wide. They fall into the sections below:

  1. Does top management see S&H as a high priority?
  2. Does top management consider S&H as a line function?
  3. Does top management provide staff the needed support for S&H?
  4. Do managers personally follow S&H policies?
  5. Do managers delegate authority to personnel to get the job done?
  6. Do managers allocate resources to personnel to get the job done?
  7. Do managers make sure staff has appropriate training?
  8. Do managers support fair and effective policies for S&H performance?
  9. Is top management involved in planning and evaluation for S&H?
  10. Does top management value employee involvement on S&H issues?

In addition, CAL-OSHA has added another nine (9) questions which apply to “Multi-employer” businesses or organizations. BERT offers a unique series of workshops designed to shepherd clients through the process of a “deep dive” analysis of their current safety programs. Then, in turn, they help determine exactly where the “gaps” are between what should be done and what is actually being done, and then ultimately, how to close that gap to create a “Culture of Safety.” Upon completion of that process, BERT provides the client with a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations for further action.

Retail cost:  One day per week or month, 10 sections below, two hours per week, up to 20 people/session, $2,000/session:  $20,000

Homework required (Note:  Online session 15% reduction.)