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The A B C’s of an Emergency Action Plan

29 CFR 1910.38(a))      <Cal/OSHA Title 8, section 3220>

A. Our organization/agency/company has an emergency communication system which allows us to locate or determine the status of every employee quickly, i.e five minutes. i.e. radio or mobile phone APP

B. Every employee understands their role or responsibility during an emergency drill or during and after an actual emergency.

C. We have an identified/trained CPR/AED individual within two minutes of every corner of our facility.

D. There is an effective employee management training program in place for handling any incident or emergency.

E. We have identified the top five potential emergencies, i.e. medical, fore, active shooter, earthquake, that our facility or job-site may face.

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IIPP Element 1, Management Commitment

FEB Incident Command System | Titan, Broadcast messages IIPP Element 2, Communications
MAR Emergency Planning | Upload Emergency Materials Element 3:  Employee Compliance
APR Emergency Triage | Element 4:  Hazard Assessment
MAY Fire Safety | Titan ALERTS Element 5: Hazard Correction
JUN Searching | Status Requests Element 6:  Investigations
JUL Terrorism | Lockdown Element 7:  Recordkeeping / Analysis
AUG Workplace Violence | Element 8:  Training
SEP Family Preparedness | Texting
OCT Implementation Equipment / safety kits
NOV Certification
DEC Analysis IIPP

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