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29 CFR 1910.38(a))      <Cal/OSHA Title 8, section 3220>

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview/ Creating a Culture of Preparedness/ Developing the Safety Team
  2. OSHA Required Procedures
    1. Evacuation
    2. Responsibilities for Remaining Staff
    3. Taking Roll for all persons onsite
    4. Rescue/Medical Duties
    5. Situational Reporting
    6. Specific Names and Roles
  3. Communications, Engineering, Security and Alarm Systems
  4. Evacuation / Drills / Injects
  5. Training
    1. Incident Command System | NIMS
    2. Emergency Planning
    3. Medical Triage
    4. Fire Safety
    5. Searching
    6. Terrorism
    7. Workplace Violence
    8. Family Planning
  6. Development and Implementation of an Emergency Action Plan
    1. Identification of types of potential incidents at the workplace site
    2. Procedures to ensure employee participation and compliance
    3. Procedures to obtain assistance from law enforcement
    4. Procedures during and after an incident
    5. Procedures for reporting and logging an incident
  7. Incident/Drill Review Procedures to
    1. correct workplace violence hazards
    2. ensure sufficient numbers of trained staff available
    3. ensure immediate medical or first aid
    4. provide post-incident debriefing and trauma counseling
    5. correct or improve operational systems
  8. Review and Revision of the published Emergency Operations Plan
  9. Initial and On-going Employee Training Program
  10. Recordkeeping

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