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Steps to “effective” *IIPP | *WVPP | *EAP program  note: fees are cumulative and scalable

  1. [$495] (c) 2018 Self-Evaluation Questionnaire
  2. [$995] Written Template Plan provided
  3. [$2,995] Onsite or Online Four hours of Basic Training of Managers / Safety Team
  4. [$1,995] Basic written follow-up plan provided for Safety Team to implement
  5. [ per user] Onsite or Online App integration
  6. [$1,995 ea] Onsite or Online Two hour increments to set up/train Safety Teams
  7. [$1,995 ea] Onsite or Online Two hour increments to train sections/shifts
  8. [$1,995] Advanced written plan incorporating everyone
  9. [$995 mo] Ongoing Maintenance (online courses, reminders)



*IIPP:  Injury Illness Prevention Program

*EAP: Emergency Action Plan

* WVPP: Workplace Violence Prevention Program

take the steps – it could be your life you save…


Ask yourself…

WHO is involved in the planning?

WHAT is already in place?

WHEN is training scheduled?

WHERE are records maintained?

WHY is the process important?

HOW does each individual expect to react to situations?