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A World Without Fear

A World Without Fear

Thomas Paine, searching for a way to describe the events unfolding around him in 1776, wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Those words have resounded through history, applicable so often when men and women have faced incredible odds. When America was...

Prevent/Manage Workplace Tension upon returning.

Prevent/Manage Workplace Tension upon returning.

This is a good read to help manage employee stress when returning to the workplace.

Website rebuild

Website rebuild

Greetings, during these interesting times, we have made some very interesting and exciting changes.  First, we have rebuilt the website.  Each page of interest has a downloadable .pdf as a source for you. More importantly, we have converted all of our training and...

In Honor of our Fallen Heroes

Safety. That has always been our message, goal and hope. We try to teach businesses and people how to react in a disaster so they can stay safe. We hope to do a little good in this big world, and we risk just a little to do it... Today we honor those who have risked...

Protecting Mom

This weekend we celebrate mothers everywhere. From our own mothers, to our grandmothers, to the wives of our children, we are thankful for everything they do in our lives. Their love, protection and guidance have made us who we are, and they have borne great burdens...


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