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The BERT Group:  Our mission is to streamline the OSHA and FEMA safety processes, to reduce injuries and incidents, to instantly mobilize Emergency Teams remotely, and to provide exceptional value to our clients and by extension to their families.

If it makes sense to at least consider the options for your business or organization, click here to contact us.   We are responsive and will make sure your questions are answered quickly and efficiently with no obligation.

Who are BERT teams?

Our clients include the employees of schools, public agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Most-recently 19 businesses and agencies were provided tools and training in the island country of Anguilla.  We Build OSHA Safety Compliance teams at various facilities, and we have also trained staff and volunteers at senior residential communities.   A key part of BERT training includes incident communication tools using a state-of-the-art mobile phone APP.  For more detailed information see Capability

Bottom line.  Reduce incidents:

Communications | Hazard Mitgation | Training | Emergency Action Planning

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BERT - Emergency Operations Management

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BERT - Emergency Operations Management

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