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BERT provides both public and private sector clients with the tools and training to  ensure advanced “effective” OSHA compliance and credentials. It meshes contractor and subcontractor Safety Teams with mandated Injury Illness Prevention Programs (IIPPs) and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs).  It offers live and online courses and a multi-lingual and multi-lateral communication system using next-generation technology between agencies seamlessly.

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What is BERT?

Our clients include the employees of public agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Most-recently 19 businesses and agencies were trained in the island country of Anguilla.  We train Businesses’ OSHA Safety Compliance teams at their various facilities, and we also train staff and volunteers at senior residential communities.   A key part of BERT training includes incident communication tools using a state-of-the-art mobile phone APP.  For more detailed information see Capability tab above (or click <here>)

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April is Financial Capability Month. Take steps now to be prepared in case of an emergency. Get tips, worksheets & more by visiting: #FinancialFuture2018

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The Future of FEMA and Emergency Management by Rich Cooper and published on LinkedIn. We wanted to share this read with you.

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